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Monday, April 17, 2006

PSone Emulator for PSP - leaked photos?

Well, as you may or may not know, Sony announced recently that some new features are on the way for the PSP. Among them is a PSone emulator, which will allow you to download and play (legally) many Playstation games on your PSP. Personally, I love this idea. There were some GREAT games on the PS1, and I would love to have them in a portable format. Additionally, some of the games are sure to be given the wi-fi multiplayer treatment, which will be awesome!

The concept is that there will be an interface accessible from the PSP, that will allow you to buy, download, and play the aforementioned games. The games will be downloaded onto your Memory Stick Pro Duo (time to ditch that packaged 32Mb model!), and are rumored to cost $15 apiece. A little on the steep side, but I'll pay that much for some PS1 games. Especially ones like Brave Fencer Musashi, FFVII, FFVIII, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Legend of Legaia, etc. There are many great RPGs for that system that I would really enjoy having "on-the-go".

Here are the supposedly leaked screenshots. They look legit to me.....

I hope that first list is partial, because there are some real gems missing there. But the screenshot does look very authentic. Since I finally have my PSP (more on that later!), I can vouch that the screen does look just like that.

On the second shot, you can see individualized info on GT2. At the bottom is the price ($15), and around the middle, you can see the multiplayer options. Ad Hoc only supports 2 (weaksauce), but Infrastructure supports up to 6. Pretty cool.

Anyways, this is a very interesting turn of events. The Sony PSP struggled in the beginning of it's life cycle, but things are starting to look up for the handheld media giant. With the recent release of great games such as Daxter, Syphon Filter: The Dark Mirror, and the two Mega Mans (Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X), the PSP library is becoming more and more formidable. On the horizon are some juggernauts as well: Power Stone Collection, Tekken Resurrection, Valkyrie Profile, and Monster Hunter Freedom all look to be worthy additions to the PSP repertoire. Bundle all those titles along with new features like GPS, a video camera, and this whole PS1 emulation thing, and I'd say that it's time to jump on the PSP bandwagon. Plus, the new $199 price point helps a little too. ;)


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